Arugampul Juice

Ingredients: 1 Cup Cynodon dactylon – Arugampul5 nos Pepper¼ tsp Cumin seeds Salt or Sugar to taste Method: Wash the grass and mix pepper and cumin seeds and grind in a mixie.Add two glass of water and filter.Take in the early morning in empty stomach. Uses: Useful in Hyper tension, Skin diseases and diabetes

Mudakkathan (Thuvaiyal) Chutney

Ingredients: A bunch of Mudakkathan – Cardiospermum Sp. ½ bunch Fresh Coriander Leaves ¼ tsp Pepper A sprig of Curry Leaves2 tsp Urad Dhal 6 nos Red Chillies – Dru ¼ tsp Asafoetida 4 flakes Garlic Salt to taste 1 tsp Ghee Method: Heat a pan and roast all ingredients except Mudakkathan in a little oil. Fry the leaves of … Continue Reading →

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