About Us

Friends and Family. I started this blog to post all my recipes in which many are own-made, some are home-made and some are collected from various sites which I found it to be delicious and also very much inspired about that Recipe.

Before marriage, I don’t have much interest in cooking, but I learned basic things about cooking. Now my interest is cooking. Everyday am trying new healthy recipes. My hubby loves all my innovation in cooking.

Now also we are following olden day’s food habits that are not good for our life style. Because our parents and grand parents used to travel by walk, cycle and they worked hard.

But in our modern life style sitting in the a/c room will not burn more calories so we have to eat healthy foods like fruits, low calorie foods, more vegetables, water, maintain fitness.
In our family every one is good at their own style of traditional cooking.

I am from gounder’s family, in my home mostly we can find sambar, kollu chutney, pulicha keera chutney, thudhuvali, keera poriyal, paruppu chutney, idli, dosa, rasam obviously curd. Repeatedly above mentioned items will be served.

But in festival times my mother and grandma will prepare lots of items for lunch. We can’t eat all the items at time.

Each and every one is learning from others. Like the way I learned lots of recipes from web and main credit goes to my mother. No one is born brilliant in cooking may be in others. Once we learned any recipe from some one then we can create recipes similar to that.
While going for restaurant if I find any recipe with different taste, I will ask the restaurant people about the recipe preparation method.
Where Ever I go my eyes will search for new recipes it could be healthy.

Then I will search with the Web for that recipe then surely I will try the recipe and post it on my blog.