Food Of chettinad

  • Chettinad is famous for its rich cultural heritage,art and architecture,huge mansions etc etc.But more recently it is becoming well known world over for its mouth watering culinary delicacies.Chettinad restaurants are being opened in almost all big cities and towns world over Chettinad food is famous for its spicy aroma.Most of the food items are easily digestible,less in caloric value compared to other south indian food items since items like cheese butter and cashews rarely find its way in chettinad recipe.Cocunut which is feared by all for its high cholesterol content is also used in very small quantities.
  • My favourite hobby is to browse the net for good new recipes.I am a fan of many food bloggers like Aayi’s recipes,ruchi,mysamayalulagam and it goes on and on.Myself a chettiar lady known to be a good cook among the people who have tasted my food was always having an idea of sharing my recipe with others.The need for writing down recipes was more felt immediately after my daughter got married and left to US.She was totally new to kitchen,rarely had a glimpse of kitchen as she was always in the hostel busy with her studies and projects.I had to help her out with the recipe of each and everything she cooks.After six months my recipes has made her a good cook.This sowed the seed of the idea of blogging in my mind. So came solaiachis kitchen.Why cant my recipes help many more young girls and boys who have to cook their own food and are away from their homes for so many reasons.I will begin with simple ones like idly and the side dishes for it