Winter Healthy Eating tips

  • Winter is here and we have to be very careful in order to stay healthy and not to catch a flu. The following fruits will help you stay tuned and prepared to any winter viruses and colds
  • Guava:

  • The following fruit has a delicious spicy cinnamon-like taste. Guava will provide you with a lot of useful antioxidants. You can eat this fruit fresh or add it to a cup of citrus juice.
  • Feijoa:

  • The following fruit is very helpful in prevention from breast cancer. Fejhoa is tasty and sweet. Slice the fruit into two parts and eat their flesh with a spoon.
  • Kumquat:

  • This fruit looks like a small oval orange but it has one more plus – its skin is fully edible and sweet. Contains a lot of fiber. Chop it, get rid of seeds and enjoy. You can add is to dishes.