Home Remedies for Common Cold

One of the best way of treating the common cold would be to consume Vitamin C laden fruits and juices. Lemons and lime are just two of the fruits which are normally loaded with Vitamin C, and you can treat yourself to a glass of lemon or lime juice laced with a few drops of honey. Oranges may be too sweet and are thus best switched with either lemon or lime. Ginger is also very effective in the treatment of the common cold. Homemade ginger tea is very simple to make. You only need to boil a few strips or slices of fresh ginger for a few minutes and then take it as a tea. For flavor you can add a very scant amount of brown sugar or organic honey.

Other natural remedies you can make at your home:
1. Cut a root of horse radishand smell the fumes. This should “open” your congested nose
2. Mix the following ingredients and drink 2 spoons of this syrup after you’ve eaten your meal: lemon juice, a tablespoon of brandy and honey.
3. Add a few spoons of whiskey and honey to a cup of tea. Mix it well until the whiskey sinks down to the bottom of the cup and drink it.
4. Mix ginger, honey and a clove of garlic and drink it. It should be done on a daily basis until the cold is over.
5. Put a bit of salt on a radish and eat it. Might not be very tasty but it’s a common remedy.
6. A hot water bath is very good for nasal congestion relief.
7. Mix garlic oil with onion juice in warm water and drink it. If you want to make the taste better then add a tablespoon of honey to it.
8. Chicken noodle soup is very good for nasal congestion.
9. A green Chinese tea is known to be a common cold remedy.
10. Chamomile tea is very good for fever.