Peanut Burfi


  • Peanut-1cup
  • Sugat -3/4cup
  • cardamom Powder- a pinch
  • pure ghee-1tsp


  • Roast peanuts for about 15 minutes on a medium flame until you get a pleasant aroma. At this point the peanuts must be very easy to peal.
  • Powder sugar fine in the mixer/blender.
  • Peal the roasted peanuts, add (pealed) cardamom and crush them fine in a mixer/blender.
  • In a shallow bowl on the flame, take 1 teaspoon of pure ghee. Add powdered sugar and keep stirring on a medium flame.
  • When sugar powder melts completely switch off the flame and add powdered peanuts.
  • Stir this mixture and when well mixed, spread this mixture on a wooden board.
  • Roll this with chapathi roller & cut into pieces immediately.