Ven Pongal



  • Raw Rice 1 Cup
  • Moong Dal 1/4 Cup
  • Black Pepper corns
  • Cumin Powder 1 Tbsp
  • Ginger 1 inch
  • Cashew for garnishing
  • Milk 1/2 cup
  • Curry leaves
  • Ghee 2 Tbsp
  • Salt


  • Wash rice and dal together. Add water, salt, and milk.
  • Pressure cook over a slow flame for 7 minutes after the first whistle.
  • Once pressure drops, open cooker and mash the rice with a ladle, while hot.
  • Coarsely crush peppercorns and cumin seeds. This is only to release their flavors.
  • Crush or grate ginger.
  • Heat oil and ghee in a pan. Roast cashews and keep aside.
  • In the same oil, add peppercorns, cumin, ginger and curry leaves.
  • Add it to the pongal and mix well. Check for salt. pour in ½ cup hot water and mix well.
  • Cook for a few minutes.
  • Garnishing with cashew nuts.