Potato Chips

Ingredients: 6 or more medium potatoes Oil or fat for deep frying Salt. Method: Wash and peel the potatoes. Slice very thin. An old fashioned cabbage slicer can be used (careful of the fingers) – or use a sharp knife or food processor with a thin slicing blade. Put the slices at once into a bowl of cold water and … Continue Reading →


Ingredients : Potato : ½ kg Maida : 1 cup Ghee : a little Ginger : 4 pieces Green chilli : 4 Cumin : ½ spoon Pepper powder : a little Coriander leaves : a little Salt : as needed Oil : as needed Method : Stuffing Cut ginger, green chilli , coriander leaves finely.Boil potatoes in water, remove the … Continue Reading →

Crispy Onion Chips

Ingredients: 2 large onions , peeled 75 g flour 2 Tbsp corn starch ½ tsp baking powder a pinch of paprika ½ tsp sugar 1 egg , beaten 120 ml milk 1 ltr vegetable oil salt and pepper , to taste Method: Before you begin making your onion rings, heat the oil over medium-high heat. Allow it to heat up … Continue Reading →

Puffed Rice Balls

Ingredients: Puffed Rice 4 cups Jaggery 1/2 cup Green Cardamom 1 Method: Lightly bruise the cardamom. Grate or pound the jaggery into small pieces. Heat a deep vessel on medium flame, add jaggery, cardamom and 1/4 cup of water. When jaggery turns to thick consistency much like honey, remove from heat and add mamra. Stir quickly and thoroughly to stick … Continue Reading →

Vegetable Burger

Ingredients : Vegetable Steaks – 4 Tomato ketchup- 2 tsp Sliced buns- 4, Dalda- 2 tsp Onion-1 (cut into thin round slices) Tomato- 1 (cut into thin round slices) Carrot- 1 (cut into thin round slices) Cabbage leaves- 4 Turmeric powder- 1/4 spoon Salt,Butter- 2 tsp Method: Boil water in a pan add turmeric & salt to it. Turn off … Continue Reading →


Ingredients: All purpose flour(Maida) – 1 cup Chili powder – 1 tbspn Salt – to taste Water – 1/2 cup Oil – 1 or 2 tspns Method: Mix All purpose flour and Salt in a mixing bowl. Add water and start kneading till it turns into firm and soft dough. Make dough into round shape and apply Oil over the … Continue Reading →