Healthy Cooking

5 Healthiest Ways to Cook Your Favorite Meals

Even if you use the healthiest of ingredients in your recipes, certain cooking techniques can actually eradicate the goodness from foods.

For healthy cooking, give the following techniques a try:
  • 1.Avoid using charcoal or gas grills, as these can increase the production of cancer-causing chemicals. Use an electric grill, instead.
  • 2.Steam your vegetables. Boiling depletes vegetables of many of their nutrients, while steaming removes far less of the good stuff, leaving vegetables with a wonderful taste and texture.
  • 3.To reduce the amount of fat when cooking, use broiling, baking and roasting pans (drizzle your items with extra-virgin olive oil instead of drowning them in margarine). Chinese steamers is also good low-fat cooking option.
  • 4.Never microwave anything in plastic wrap or plastic containers. If you must microwave, use glass containers and covers.
  • 5.Replace all saturated fats in your kitchen with extra-virgin olive oil, canola oil (organic), grapeseed oil – these monounsaturated fats are much healthier than the saturated ones.