Grand Central Oyster Restaurant

  • It has been a long time when you last ate your favorite seafood in a seafood restaurant? Then, why don’t you visit the amazing Grand Central Oyster Bar & Restaurant in New York City. Inaugurated in 1913 with a grand affair, this is considered as one of the best seafood restaurants of the world.
  • Drawing a high society clientele of New York City, Grand Central Oyster Bar & Restaurant serves the best of seafood menu to the guests. Best known for its grand décor, this restaurant is famous among dignitaries, celebrities, commuters, business people and tourists.
  • The Grand Central Oyster Bar has its own independent identity ever since it got inaugurated in 1997. Be it the tiled ceilings or the elegant architecture, everything about this bar is just amazing. When in Grand Central Oyster Bar & Restaurant, do try the specialties like Arctic Char Filet, Clams Casino, catfish Filet, Oyster Bluepoint and so on.
  • Grand Central Oyster Bar & Restaurant is ideally located on the lower level of the newly renovated terminal. Much of the restaurant got destroyed during a fire accident in 1997 but it was elegantly restored with style sooner and ever since, there is not lacking in the servings made out at this seafood restaurant.